The Super Summer What??

Linda Wicks created the Super Summer Challenge for her three kids over 30 years ago and many of us proudly carry on this fun tradition with a few twists. It's given us a Simply Summer we desire and our families look forward to every year.

Linda Wicks has spoken to hundreds of other women and taught them how to create a Super Summer Challenge for their families. Linda spent several years crafting a book so this message could be shared all over the country. Over the years, many women continue to invite their good friends to share in these intentional ideas for their children.

As your children participate in the Super Summer Challenge they will:

  • learn new skills
  • be motivated in areas of self-discipline
  • discover how to look outside themselves
  • mature in sibling unity
  • form great habits that will last a lifetime

The Super Summer Challenge is a chart of activities and goals you create for your children to work on all summer, a month of summer or within the time frame you need. When they complete their projects or reach their goals, you get to celebrate!

This online workshop is tradition and legacy combined with personal experience of the last 9 years as I've personally carried out a Super Summer Challenge. Our families face even great challenges with technology and the pace of life as the pressure to do and provide more opportunities than ever for our kids.

The Super Summer Challenge creates sanity for me yet provides accountability for me to find more unplugged, purposeful and intentional activities with and for my kids.

You could go through the first two modules of this workshop and create a Simply Summer which might be good enough. But, I encourage you to try at least one week of a Super Summer Challenge. You will find every minute of putting together this easy plan to reap benefits and rewards which will have you trying more options in the future!

Ready to begin? I am! I can't wait to hear of the treasured memories you will actualize this year.